Foam Board Backdrop

Perfect for one time usage as stage backdrop or event backdrop. Easily set up.

Foamboard Backdrop Singapore
As the name suggests, our foam board backdrop is made of foam board (also known as kapaline board according to some). Because of this, the price of this backdrop is cheaper than other kinds of backdrop. After the foam board is printed out, we will stick them onto our pop up structure. Instantly, the whole foam board backdrop will be up and ready for usage. Do note that the maximum width of foam board that we can print is at 1.2m. As such, for all our foam board backdrop, we will need to join pieces of foam board together to form the final backdrop image first, before sticking them up onto our pop up structure.
  • Each foamboard backdrop order comprises of the printed foamboard backdrop, rental of the pop up structure for a period of up to 24 hours, and delivery and installation of the foamboard backdrop
  • If you require our pop up structure to be at your event for more than 24 hours, there will be additional charges. Kindly contact us separately for pricing.
  • If the delivery/installation address is in Sentosa or Tuas,¬†there will be additional charges. Kindly contact us separately for pricing.
  • If the delivery/installation is to be done on weekends, there will be additional charges. Kindly contact us separately for pricing.
  • For design, there will be additional charges. Please see the next tab for more details
  • No minimum order
  • Design fees is at $150 with 3 free revisions
  • We will work out a first design draft for you based on your guidelines. Do be as specific and as clear as possible on your guidelines. This is because subsequently, after the first 3 revisions, if you require any further revision, there will be an additional charge of $50 per revision.
foamboard backdrop singapore

Step 1

Our staff will set up our pop up structure

Step 2

After joining the foam boards together, the combined foam board will be attached to the pop up structure

Step 3

We will use a black cloth to cover the back of our pop up structure so that it is not exposed. Note that this is optional.

Step 4

Finally, the pop up structure will be set up straight and the foam board backdrop will be ready for usage.
The above uses two set of our foamboard backdrop joined together at an angle. We provided our foamboard printing service too to create 3D effect on the backdrop. If you have something customised (like this), feel free to reach out to us for a quotation.

Foam Board Backdrop Pricing

Dimensions (width by height)Price
2.35m by 2.35m$790
3.2m by 2.35m$1010
3.6m by 2.35m$1070
Kindly note that we can set up our foamboard backdrop in a variety of sizes. If the dimension of your ideal foamboard backdrop is not stated above, do get in touch with us for a separate quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Please visit our Order Page to place your order

What is your refund policy?
We apologize. But we do not accept any refunds.
What is the turnaround time?
After confirmation of artwork, we will require 2 working days for production. The foamboard backdrop will be ready for delivery/installation on the next working day.

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